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OOC Evilness

OOC: Well, I don't think Marcus is Chaotic Evil and as everyone can see, I got the same results for other two options. Maybe lawful evil is what suits him best in this case. :P

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IC Entry -Revelations-

So many things to write and I have to admit that for some, I can't find the right words.

I'm finding more and more information about my family, a family of Wizards. Their main line is extinct but now we know for sure, that I'm a descendant. Torquerre, that was their name...I still don't know a lot but what I do know is that my thirst for knowledge in that area is growing and growing.

I have the ring now, someone tried to steal it and that someone also kidnapped a little girl. It also seems that this girl is a descendant of the Torquerre family as well and as far as I understand she is a HalfBlood. I am supposed to contact her and also her mother, to see if I can find some information on where lays her link to the Manticores, but I'm also curious...if every information that we have is correct, this means that she is related to me...not in a direct way but still. I'll have to send a letter to Dumbledore on this.

Talking about other things. I broke my ribs during training, that was...sad really, damn bludgers. I went to Mungos and Starla took care of my wounds, her 'teacher' was there. Master Healer I believe, very good looking...I wouldn't mind dropping by again.

Revelations...and a whole lot of work.

For some reason, things started to happen all at once. First, I get a new case to work on...Christopher Hunter, Hogwarts professor has been attacked by a -still- unidentified person. So far I did some questioning and went to the place of the attack to gather evidence.

Second, a dead body appeared on a archaeological dig spot. It was raining pretty bad so the evidence was almost non existent. Manticores and duel? There is a great deal of questions about this case, but the most....well....the thing that gets me more is what happened. Yes, what happened at the dig and what happened at the Autopsy of that corpse.
My family tree? As far as I know they are all Muggleborns but, of course...I don't know what went on waaaaaaaaaaaaay back.

Adelaide, Chase...even the Master Healer, they said that there is a magical bond there and Adelaide said that I'm starting to discover things about my family tree. I'm...curious. And that ring, I felt so...in need to just, take it. Something is going on, that's for sure.

Another thing I can't forget is the look on Vincent and James' faces...as if they were suspicious of me. I'm as lost as they are right now, but I'm going to get to the bottom of this.

IC Update

I spent a week at the Ranch Camp, not bad, not bad at all. The only thing I could really complain about was the food and mainly because it's not what I like. But oh well.
It would seem that the Ranch is now away from danger, but still I need to talk to Camilla about that issue.

By the way, I'm not living alone anymore, a white cat named Angel lives her now. It's been a while since I didn't had pets. Since Ranjit's golden fish. Ranjit, I should talk to her.

I gave driving lessons to Grania, turns out that she is a really good student (already knew that) and learns really fast. She got the hang of it in no time and I think she now wants to get a car for herself. If she wants advise on that front, I will help her.
Hehe, it seems that she likes to drive fast. Who doesn't! I'll make sure to let her drive the Charger when possible, she'll like it.

Night out with the boys and by boys I mean Vincent and Darius. Darius now has a new girlfriend, really nice girl...I met her once or twice. One thing I know for sure, they both think that I have to let go of some things. Which I have, but sometimes it's harder...

Strange how I can...sometimes, stare at my collection for long minutes.


Grania and I had dinner the other night. We went to this Muggle, Italian place that serves really great food. Everything was running pretty well until she mentioned that she was dating some guy...err...I can't remember the name right now. Well, that tells me that she got the impression I was hitting on her.

Left me wondering actually...I do consider her to be a good friend, specially due to all the writing we did, letters over these past two years. Of course I wasn't really trying to hit on her...but it appears that it came out that way. After that we talked about it and it seems that everything is ok...I hope it is.

On another note, she's got such a bright future ahead of her, and she is going to shine in her line of work.

A light...

Well, I took the brochures to Camilla and I'm really glad that she liked them. Now everything went into press and they are already around, I hope people signs up for that camp because it trully looks like it's going to be a blast.

But wow...now I have a serious amount of work. Turns out she has this incredible Collector's car parked on her main barn, and that car is worth a sh**load of money, we are not talking about small change, it's serious money. I promised her that I would fix the car to see if I can sell it. If I manage to do that, I the Ranch will be saved.

The Gala

I don't really know why I went in the first place. Sure they showed lots of interesting things and the memberships are inviting...but, I can't really pay for that, and on a monthly base? Not a chance. Maybe the cheaper ones but, they don't provide all that much information. Who knows, we shall see.

I got the chance to speak for a while with Vivian and Rhiannon. I have to say that I missed Rhia, it's been a while since I don't see her, we'll need to catch up at some point.
And also, lots of familiar faces...even Grania was there and I haven't seen her in ages. But yes, I will call her, much more easier ways of communication now, tho OWL post has something to it.

Also danced with this French lady, when she told me her name, well...the lastname kept ringing in my head, I need to do some research on her. We had many problems already with French people -.- Let's see what I can find.

Damn it...

Those bastards took her....and those bastards will pay for what they have done.

Now I have to get everything ready, I'm going away for a few days.

Think you can finally relax?

Think again...

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IC Entry